Performance / video work

LIGHT CREATIONS works collaboratively with other creative practitioners in producing performance pieces that express the human relationship to the environment.

‘Moving presence’ is a four part experiential exploration of my relationship to the land. As a movement practitioner and visual artist my work is an expression of my journey towards a closer knowing of myself as one and the same as the elements that make me.

‘One’ – The water of my tears is the water of the rain. This is one of my earliest video pieces, shot on a simple video camera one evening while I cried in my car, the rain cascading down the windows outside. The process of creating proved not only incredibly cathartic but also served as a poignant reminder to me of life’s interconnection.

Shamanic Trance Dance:

A 10 minute documentary exploring the ancient ritual of shamanic trance dance, an ancient ritual tradition used by indigenous cultures as a means of opening up and accessing inner wisdom. Before entering the journey the participant formulates an intention? What do I wish to gain from this experience, what would I like to resolve? Trusting that the intuitive, subconscious, collective mind knows allows the body to offer its own felt response free of conditioned pattern based responses. Blindfolded the mover is guided by the drum and other instruments in to a place of deep trance, moving from a place of thinking in to a place of being. This amorphous space offers the potential for perspectives to change and horizons to expand.

Directed by: Nikki Simpson – Sound: Nicholas Twilley – Mover: Adam Barley

Earth Body:

A live Performance incorporating Movement, Music, film and photography.  Inspired by movement on the land and a deep listening through the elements; the four bodies which clothe the human soul. The performance is an offering, and as the witness your given the opportunity to allow the qualities of the healing movement and sound to land on the physical and non-physical bodies. All the work has been created outside and brought into the Space, the audience will be guided through a light journey.