WWW goes down a storm!

‘Wild Women of the Woods’, my new photographic show at The Lansdown Gallery officially opened last night at the private view. The space was teeming, the champagne flowed and Primal Bliss provided a wonderful wild acoustic set. My thanks and appreciation to all involved in the project and friends and family for all their support! The show runs till Sunday 3rd March at The Lansdown Gallery, Stroud. Do pop in if you can.

‘Wild Women of The Woods’ – Upcoming exhibition

Hope to see some of you at my forthcoming show: ‘Wild Women of the Woods‘.
The show opens Tuesday 26th Feb at 10 a.m. and runs until 4pm on the 3rd March. I’ll be at the gallery each day so do pop down and visit : )

Private view Tuesday 26th Feb 6-8pm with live music from Primal Bliss and friends.

In ‘Wild women of the woods’ photographer Nikki Simpson worked with seven women on a one to one basis; her offer to bear witness photographically to their relationship to the land. Each woman was asked to visit a place they were familiar with, somewhere they went to recharge or connect. Moving and exploring in relation to this connection the resulting images remind us with acute sensitivity of the inextricable inter-relatedness of body and earth.


A striking blue skied day, walking amidst the silver birches seeking reconnection with self. Seeking a sense of focus again in my life after what seems like a lull in my creativity. Shooting off photographs with little or no sense of purpose waiting to feel something, to see something.

… And then the sense to focus on my lack of focus, to explore this through my image making. To capture shots where there is no apparent focus, where the elements are disparate to one-another and no real sense can be made of the image.

Hence my lack of focus is reflected back to me. Seeing this allows something in me to open up, I create a space around my lack of focus; I breathe in the recognition that I do not need to know where I am going, what I am doing.To not try to make meaning is to start to explore the spaces in-between the tangible, the meaningful. I feel an excitement rising, to be lost without direction, knowing there are many maps I could draw on but not going there immediately and instead waiting…

I pick up my camera again and start to capture shots where the point of focus is absent, or not where you would expect it to be such as in-between objects. I am finding my way now through not knowing my way. And then it comes the realisation that it’s so hard for me to dwell in the not knowing, yet that this is the place where creativity emerges. The dormancy of Winter from which the Spring surges through. Can I truly allow myself to surrender to this fallow time knowing so much more can come if I really let go?

And then tears rise because certainty gives a sense of safety and there seems no certainty in the unknowing, the unfocused… And yet there are the seasons, the cycles the age old maps that sustain and provide the backdrop to our experience of life. And then there is a sense of loss, the loss, my loss I’m not too sure. Of grief of a turning and an absence before something…

I am challenged by this absence, by the space in-between one thing and another, between bodies, between moments. Challenged to give space, to trust, to know growth does not occur by staying in constant contact.

My wound is ripe in this ‘space in-between’ – ripe for activation, for transmutation. I smile and move on.



‘This is the way you slip through to your inner most home, close your eyes and surrender’ – Rumi

Contemplative Photography day

Blessed we were with brilliant sunshine perfect for the first theme of the day; light! Once again Hawkwood served as a wonderful backdrop, providing warmth, nourishment and stunning grounds in which we could begin to further drop in to ourselves. During the day participants spent time deepening their connection to the world around them through exploring their connection to themselves – this connection was then expressed photographically through the creative themes of the day; light, simplicity and space. Was wonderful to share the day with such an enthusiastic and open group, here’s looking forward to another programme of event in 2013.

‘Seeing with new eyes’ – INSET workshop day for teachers

 ‘Seeing with New Eyes’- An INSET photography workshop for teachers

 Benefits to teachers (Primary, Secondary and Special Needs)

  • Slow down and connect with your creativity
  • Feel empowered to teach simple and effective photography skills to children
  • Learn new techniques to use in the classroom to support children to see the world around them with a new perspective
  • Help your school achieve an ArtsMark

A day’s workshop can include

  • using quiet, reflection and focus as a part of a contemplative process that encourages vision and creativity.
  • using your own eyes as well as cameras to explore the school environment and each other, including natural objects, outdoor projects and portraits
  • how photography links with the curriculum
  • using photography as a tool to look again as issues and interests e.g. sense of place, identity, wellbeing, the environment, sustainable living, the community
  • technicalities relating to camera care, equipment, editing and using photos

 Experienced facilitators

This workshop is a collaboration between Ruth Davey from Look Again and Nikki Simpson from Light Creations. They bring their experience of using photography as a tool for personal, business and community development together into a unique and creative package for teachers. Both are CRB checked and have extensive experience of running workshops in schools both in the UK and abroad.

For further information please contact

Ruth Davey – 07789 958895 ruth@look-again.org  www.look-again.org

Nikki Simpson – 07984 164135 nikki@lightcreations.co.uk www.lightcreations.co.uk