The garden at Redan

A portal, a delectable garden of delights abundant, rich with possibility. Areas tended, a lawn, manicured avenues and then a threshold past which nature reclaims herself. The garden at Redan a beautiful offering to Gaia, a fusion of fecundity and tamed splendour. Walking alone with camera, dropping, dropping senses ignited soft grass underfoot. Early evening inching her way in yet sun still enveloping me in her warmth.

Watching as white butterflies and bees take their fill of lavender nectar, the purple crop a haze of continuous activity. Watching at the stream as iridescent blue damsel flies flutter around me in curiosity, landing here, there on my arm my leg. Quick to the left a red squirrel darts down from an adjacent tree drinks hastily at the waters edge its white underbelly aglow in the evening light. I marvel, opening still further in to this my body nature connection. Stepping in to the stream I set off on a meandering escapade to photograph the elusive fish. Yesterday I saw her emerge up in an illuminated pool of light. Still half in shadow I raised my camera and gone. A thought half remembered , the edge of a memory I sought to encapsulate, that slipping away, that here and then goneā€¦

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