Contemplative Photography day

Blessed we were with brilliant sunshine perfect for the first theme of the day; light! Once again Hawkwood served as a wonderful backdrop, providing warmth, nourishment and stunning grounds in which we could begin to further drop in to ourselves. During the day participants spent time deepening their connection to the world around them through exploring their connection to themselves – this connection was then expressed photographically through the creative themes of the day; light, simplicity and space. Was wonderful to share the day with such an enthusiastic and open group, here’s looking forward to another programme of event in 2013.

‘Seeing with new eyes’ – INSET workshop day for teachers

 ‘Seeing with New Eyes’- An INSET photography workshop for teachers

 Benefits to teachers (Primary, Secondary and Special Needs)

  • Slow down and connect with your creativity
  • Feel empowered to teach simple and effective photography skills to children
  • Learn new techniques to use in the classroom to support children to see the world around them with a new perspective
  • Help your school achieve an ArtsMark

A day’s workshop can include

  • using quiet, reflection and focus as a part of a contemplative process that encourages vision and creativity.
  • using your own eyes as well as cameras to explore the school environment and each other, including natural objects, outdoor projects and portraits
  • how photography links with the curriculum
  • using photography as a tool to look again as issues and interests e.g. sense of place, identity, wellbeing, the environment, sustainable living, the community
  • technicalities relating to camera care, equipment, editing and using photos

 Experienced facilitators

This workshop is a collaboration between Ruth Davey from Look Again and Nikki Simpson from Light Creations. They bring their experience of using photography as a tool for personal, business and community development together into a unique and creative package for teachers. Both are CRB checked and have extensive experience of running workshops in schools both in the UK and abroad.

For further information please contact

Ruth Davey – 07789 958895

Nikki Simpson – 07984 164135